Episode 30: Give Your Child A Piece Of You

September 24, 2017

Noél Smith gets seriously passionate about how so many of you are denying your children of your greatest teaching skills, unleash your hidden talent and show your children what lies beneath just being mother and father.

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Episode 29: Don’t Make Your Child Fat

September 17, 2017

It's great that we all love our children but are you doing the right thing and feeding them well? Fat children get fat because they eat too much of the wrong things. Listen to Noél Smith's unique take on the issue and unconventional way of dealing with it.

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Episode 28: Blame Culture

September 11, 2017
It's not my fault syndrome, Yes it's really a thing, Noel Smith talks about
people not taking responsibility for one's actions,

Episode 27: Running Is It Free?

August 28, 2017

You like the sound of chitchat?

Well you'll love this, Noél Michael Smith with his non-stop fun talking on how you can enhance your running skills, including the key benefits and potentially achieve more fulfilment.

Is running a good thing? and is running truly free?

Check out the supportive clothing for both men and women.  Furthermore, why training bare legs is the best option.  Plus much more......

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Episode: 26 Natural Talent

August 22, 2017

What is a natural talent?Do you believe someone can have natural talent, or is it sheer dogged hard work, mindset or just being in the right environment?

Noél Michael Smith talks, trying to make sense of this, as he refers to kickboxer, turned mixed martial arts fighter, Michael Venom Page:


Also the epic boxing match has gone down in history, Sugar Ray Leonard and Martin Marvellous Hagler:



Episode 25: What?

August 17, 2017


Noél Smith talking about what is Low Fu Fitness Kickboxing®, sometimes dubbed Low Fu Tae Bo. 

A workout derived from The Club Energize and Tae Bo training programs. Low Fu Fitness Kickboxing® created by the man himself Noél Michael Smith, combining kickboxing with aerobic exercises using his unique formula, find out what this special workout means not just to Noél but to thousands of others.


Episode 24: Who?

August 8, 2017


Noél Michael Smith, former British Aerobic Champion and twice British Kickboxing Champion. Trained and mentored in London by Esme Newton-Dunn, author of The Bodywork Book and Stay In Shape videos, and in LA by Billy Blanks, seven times World Kickboxing champion and creator of Tae Bo Fitness videos. Noél Michael Smith holds multiple Black belt in Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Tae Bo Kwan, several fitness qualifications in both personal training and group exercise workout and has over 35 years experience in both fitness and the martial arts.

I never stop, constantly keeping momentum, always moving forward.


Episode 23: Child Control

May 2, 2017

Noél Michael Smith is back with another riveting and exciting podcast. He talks about the re-emergence of the infamous Low Fu Fitness Super Sunday event, and gives his opinion on why and how you should exercise child control. After all, your children should be able to keep still and well-behaved whilst sitting and waiting for their parents to finish a fitness class.


Episode 22: Don’t Discriminate

April 12, 2017

To discriminate against one is to discriminate against all!

Noél Michael Smith speaks about

Reker Ahmed, aged 17, a Kurdish Iranian asylum seeker who was attacked and beaten unconscious by a group of between 20 and 30 people, in the respectable streets of Croydon, South East London on Friday 31st March 2017.

How does this tragic attack affects us all.


Episode 21: You Cannot Mind Read

April 2, 2017

I know what you're thinking; reading someone's mind is impossible. Noél Smith gives a brief explanation of why this is the case, and how attempting to do so is a waste of time and serves no true purpose.

Noél wishes Amy well as she leaves Low Fu to travel the world before setting off to university.