Episode 60: Friends

April 19, 2018

Friends are not the be all and end all, but they sure do help throughout life! This is Noél Michael Smith’s guide on how to best filter and judge who you spend your time with.

For the most part you become a mixture of your five closest friends, subconsciously adopting their reflections, traits and habits.

Noél also reminds us that one friend does not fit all your needs so make them part of a collective and use their wide and diverse attributes.

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Episode 59 Happiness

April 17, 2018
With almost three weeks out from podcasting Noél Michael Smith is back with his blistering talk show, this weeks chosen subject is happiness, Noél tells it like it is; that being unhappy is your fault and no one else’s, encouraging you on how to go deep inside yourself in order to locate true happiness, Listen now!... it’s action packed.

Episode 58: Ying & Yang - They Don’t Understand!

March 29, 2018

Following up on the audition that Noél Michael Smith attended, for David Lloyd health club in West London, he speaks on the perplexity of the decision not to use his 35 years of Martial Arts and fitness experience to its full capacity.

Noél also talks about the uniqueness of Low Fu Fitness kickboxing and why it is what it is. He is also left equally bemused on how Low Fu Fitness kickboxing is portrayed, categorised and viewed throughout the industry, particularly from some experienced fitness coordinators and managers, who should know better.

Make no mistake Noél gets passionate in this deep discussion pulling no punches.

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Episode 57: Fitness Audition - The Good and the Bad

March 22, 2018

With more and more health clubs adopting an audition policy as opposed to scouting for good teachers, Noél Michael Smith talks about fitness auditions.

These are the emerging phenomenon in the health and fitness industry.

The leisure industry recognises how useful auditions are as fitness managers find it increasingly difficult to acquire good teachers.

But when Noél attends his latest audition he discovers some serious revelations that leaves him bemused

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Episode 56: Yoga The - Aerobic Graveyard

March 18, 2018

It seems like half the UK population and a gross percentage of people throughout the world have taken to yoga.Noél Michael Smith asks the question, why is this the case?

Also a great deal of workout teachers, that have pledged their allegiance to aerobic/cardiovascular workouts in the past, now feel fit that yoga is their desired choice of exercise, joining as Noél puts it, the aerobic graveyard! Noél finds this unsettling as the two disciplines conflict with one another.

Whatever Yoga delivers, you can find that and so much more, buried deep within the core of Low Fu Fitness.

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Episode 55: You Did It, It’s Self Inflicted

March 11, 2018

We often allow outside influences to control our minds noél Michael Smith speaks how to keep control of your own mind and that we are also responsible for your mind. 

Any thing  you do it’s down to you  - if it’s good it’s down to you equally as well.  Should your thoughts be bad it’s down to you, because though outside influences can sometimes dictate your reaction, it is ultimately your decision to act for better or for worse.  
Understand this and manage your mind and take control, as you wouldn't want to find yourself in a difficult situation, as you may be susceptible to the red mist and ruin your life without thinking of the consequences, therefore potentially destroying your life.  

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Episode 54: Snow - No Show!

March 6, 2018

After last weeks media  news terrified the entire UK population into not going out in the snow.  Noél Michael Smith questions the validity and common sense of that advice deeming it irresponsible negligence.

As the snow has been and gone and is certain to return again sometime in our lifetime. The UK population must learn from this experience and prepare themselves in all body spirit and mind.

Noél Michael Smith encourages you despite what ever weather comes your way that if you get up and go the achievement becomes self rewarding.

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Episode 53: Judging By Our Own Standards

February 21, 2018

Noél Michael Smith tells us all to take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror, as he explains how most of us judge people by are own self serving low standards.  speaking - Noél reveals us how we can sometimes criticise others often, not realising that we are speaking about ourselves. 

In this shorter than usual 15 minute podcast Noél is philosophical on how he puts much stock in his fellow man and woman also how it would serve you well to try the same.

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Episode 52: Discrimination

February 14, 2018

Discrimination has affected most of us at some stage in our lives bringing unnecessary pain and suffering.

Noél Michael Smith elaborate on his views and philosophies on how at Low Fu as a company, they do not discriminate against colour, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and additional discrimination incidents.

Noél throws down the challenge and questions do you discriminate against others?

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Episode 51: Priority And Purpose

February 5, 2018

Noél Michael Smith gives a deep and meaningful talk, clarifying in his opinion the true meaning of priority and purpose, also expressing how these two words should always go together.

Noél’s talk, mainly focuses on fitness achievements which naturally can be applied to every day life.

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